Spirituality is knowing that God exists in a form we cannot create but can know; cannot elaborate but can take into heart and spirit and body; cannot control but can experience; cannot touch but can be touched by it; cannot force into existence but can discover.

Spirituality is people sharing lives, hopes, dreams, troubles, pain, joy, life, death. Spirituality is a moment of recognition when God becomes “real”.

Spirituality is listening, talking, sharing, comforting, loving and being loved, Spirituality is light, dark, sound, silence, filled, empty, asking, listening. 

Spirituality is now, every moment of time filled with God’s Reality.

Spirituality is Love ever present, ever possible in this moment and in each moment that follows. Spirituality is infinite, glorious, powerful, gentle,

Spirituality is omnipresent light to bring us to God.

Reverend Bobbie McKay, Ph.D.
Minister of Spiritual Life; Glenview Community Church, Glenview, Il. 60025 March 31, 2020