The Spiritual Health Center was developed to help people find new ways to discover and share their spiritual lives.


Over 1,900 questionnaires, written specifically for this project by Dr. McKay, have been completed and processed at Johns Hopkins Center for Learning and Health and analyzed at the University of Pennsylvania. The study became an international study when presented to the Alister Hardy Religious Experience Research Centre at Westminster College at Oxford University, U.K.


Our Spiritual Life Team program has been 100% successful in enabling people to get in touch with their spiritual lives. This program has been successfully operational for over five years in multiple locations in the United States

 We Are

Reverend Bobbie McKay, Ph.D.
is a licensed psychologist and an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ.  Her Ph.D. is from Northwestern University in Counseling Psychology.  She is the author of ten books on Spiritual Life (two with her husband, Lewis A. Musil).  

Dr. McKay is the founder of the Spiritual Health Center NFP.   The Center was created to conduct research and programs on spiritual life and help people find new ways to identify and share their spiritual lives.

The Center has conducted three research studies in spiritual life: 

  • The Spiritual Healing Project
  • The Adolescent Study of Spiritual Life
  • The Spiritual Aging Project

Dr. McKay and her husband, Lewis A. Musil, co-authored two books about the Interfaith Research Study.  Dr. McKay has added eight additional books about spiritual life and has written the questionnaire and workbook for the study of “Spiritual Life in Mainstream Interfaith Congregations”.

 Their Research study appears in Religion and Healing in America, edited by Susan Sered, Ph.D. and Linda Barnes, Ph.D., Chapter 2.  Oxford University Press, 2005.

 Dr. McKay has been Minister of Spiritual Life at the Glenview Community Church in Glenview, Illinois since 2014.  The Spiritual Health Center is located at the church.

Dr. Mckay is available for consultations and presentations about the Center.


The Spiritual Life Team Program is a unique, original small group program available for anyone interested in spiritual life.  It is available from the Spiritual Health Center.


Contact Dr. McKay at [email protected]

“It is exciting to reflect upon the potential that this imposing body of qualitative and quantitative research has for bringing about healing relationships among people at the deepest level. The authors have done the scientific and religious world a great service in probing beneath the surface of life to give us a new and fresh insight into the action and presence of God in human existence.”
George Gallup, Jr.


Click on any of the stories below to read the words from our founder and those who have shared their God gifts with others.

On Healing, Headaches, Feeling Better and Finding God

Our extensive research study on Spiritual life in mainstream interfaith congregations contained both quantitative and qualitative questions about spiritual life.  The results of our analysis of the quantitative data revealed three critical findings:

Praying With Mind, Spirit and Body: It Will Change Your Life!

I have the privilege of being the grandparent of an incredible granddaughter, Shannon, who is deaf, and her husband, Brent, who is also incredible and deaf. And the richness of their lives and the deaf community we have met through them have changed our lives entirely.

New Prayers, New Spirit

At most churches, prayer is a pretty standard experience. We have certain prayers we say at different times in the worship service.  We generally pray before and sometimes after a meeting. We pray when someone is ill and needs our prayers. We pray when there is an emergency and we know that prayer is our most direct line to God’s Presence.

Men & God: A Beginning Inquiry into Male Spiritual Life in a Small Group Setting: Part I

Over the fifty years of my ministry, I’ve encountered questions about gender differences when talking about spiritual life, often including statements about men not being as spiritual as women. I’ve always thought that men and women had different spiritual lives, not defined as more or better.

Love is Where You Find It: The power of Love in Spiritual Life

Designing a research study to understand spiritual life in mainstream, interfaith congregations called for an approach that would reach a variety of people from different backgrounds, educational opportunities, interests and abilities who shared an interest in spiritual life.


Let God become REAL in your life – not an intellectual understanding or an emotional support but entirely real, experienced, known, a constant presence; available 24/7, a felt reality, never separated.

Talk about God to anyone… everyone… friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, strangers!  (I talk to my Uber drivers all the time about God and they get it.)

Let God become an essential/necessary part of your life.  24/7, never absent, available every second of every day, start and end the day with God as a presence with you and you will will find yourself becoming more loving, more attentive, more attentive to others, more open to learning more about God from other people and from your experiences.

People in my study said they became less angry, lived more in the present rather than the past or the future and most significantly, they “felt better”… undefined better but real.

God is not a secret relationship. Find a way to talk about God first to people you think will be receptive, and then anywhere!  When God is real for you, God will become real to anyone you come in contact with.

As your behavior changes – and it will, because you are now connected go God, people will see you differently.  Look at your own experiences now shared when God became real to you. How have you changed?  What’s different about you and your life?  What’s different about your relationships with others?

That’s where we can help make God real for others because God has become more real to you.

God is the most powerful source for change in the world. (It beats psychology every time! Spoken by a licensed psychologist, Reverend Bobbie McKay, Phd.)


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